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Are you ready to transform your fitness routine and embrace the powerful combination of strength, flexibility, and balance? We're thrilled to welcome you to Bamboo Barre Where You Are!

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Want to know how Bamboo Barre got started and the story of Founder Kashani Thomas?

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Why Bamboo Barre?


Enhanced Stability and Balance:

Unlike traditional wall mounted ballet barres, bamboo poles are used to perform exercises that challenge stability and balance. The uneven nature of bamboo poles requires participants to engage their core muscles and stabilizers to maintain proper form during movements. This can help improve overall balance and coordination.


Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion:

The use of bamboo poles in barre classes can facilitate dynamic stretching and movements that enhance flexibility. Participants can use the sticks to gently guide their bodies through a fuller range of motion, promoting increased flexibility in muscles and joints. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals looking to improve their overall flexibility.


Low Impact

Bamboo Barre workouts are low-impact, making them suitable for individuals of various fitness levels and ages. The controlled, precise movements help reduce the impact on joints, making barre a suitable option for those who may have joint issues or prefer a gentler form of exercise. It can be a good cross-training option for individuals recovering from injuries or seeking a break from higher-impact activities.


Mind-Body Connection and Mindfulness:

Incorporating bamboo sticks into barre classes may enhance the mind-body connection during workouts. The tactile feedback from the bamboo sticks requires participants to be mindful of their movements and body positioning. This mindfulness aspect can contribute to a more focused and intentional workout, promoting a sense of connection between the mind and body.


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